Law Leecher


Law Leecher is a multi-threaded web crawling tool which extracts laws from the EU law database PreLex ( It's written in Ruby.
The latest version is 1.4
You can also visit the SourceForge project management homepage. You will most probably find the version history there (what's new, fixed bugs) for new versions.

SVN checkout

You can checkout the repository by issuing a svn co lawleecher . You don't need to compile anything, however you have to install Ruby and (if you want to have the GUI) GTK+. Read the few lines of the manual for this.


The documentation is done with LaTeX. You can read the latest PDF in the SVN repository (download the PDF of the latest (= highest) revision).
The documentation comprises installation instructions, a user manual, and a developer's guide.


Law Leecher is not internationalized. Therefore it cannot be localized. However, its output is written in a specific language which is English for command line output and German for GUI.

This file is located under /trunk/documentation/index.html.